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I wrote another blog a while ago which I never posted and now it’s the past so I have decided to start again!  I just wanted to say once again thank you to my writing partner, David Baron who has spent so much time working on this new album, ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ and has recently been in the studio with ‘Media’ his band consisting of Zac Alford on drums and Danny Blume on guitar (who also play on our record) David himself on Keyboards, and Gail Ann Dorsey on Bass.

Letraset - Studio of Crosby Fletcher Forbes London Photography by John Bantin Printed in England by Gothic Press Limited

The gig with Roger O’Donnell (The Cure amongst others) and recently I have been returning to the album ‘Disintegration’, was great.  Here’s Roger talking about Moog…

(Roger O’Donnell talking about Moog)

It’s a quirky electronic night, the only one we know of in London, hosted by Dean Ford called Synthetic at a little pub off the main drag in Stockwell called the Cavendish Arms.

Letraset in Action from Letraset published by Gothic Press Limited

I managed to do my set without any backing tracks and, on the whole, the looping came out really well.  I don’t use a computer I do it all through my boss pedal. I was so happy.  I spent hours and hours rehearsing, concentrating not only on trying to get the first loop spot on but also the vocals.  I also now know which sounds on the Casio I can tolerate and which beats are the best.  My choice is restricted which makes it a lot easier. It was also my first gig without Mike for ages and it was very good for my confidence.  It is a lot easier doing it on my own because I only have to keep in time with myself and I can rehearse without making expensive journeys or even hiring a rehearsal room.  Anyway David was very impressed that I had managed to even try to perform my album which uses a whole band all on my own with the Casio.  Obviously things would be better with a band but I have given up for now finding anyone.  The songs sound very different from the album but in a really good way I think.  I will continue to develop and change them so no two performances are the same.

Letraset in Action from Letraset published by Gothic Press Limited

I did a duet with Roger at the end of the night and was really impressed by his set on the moog which has such a unique sound.  I particularly loved his track which he began on his telephone.  It was beautiful.  We hope to do another gig together in the future. I am really grateful for everyone who came down which on the whole was all my friends and family.  Thank you to all of them.

(Anthony Phillips playing at home 1996)

I have also been doing quite a few library tracks with Anthony Phillips who used to be in Genesis but is a fantastic artist in his own right.  He came down to my gig which was fantastic!   I am a little concerned that my voice will be saturating the library music market but so far, this doesn’t seem to be a major concern!  I do think, though, it’s a phase which is why I am hoping Anthony will give me some of his beautiful instrumental tracks to write on so I can continue to write with him in the future.  In the past library was always instrumental but recently there has been more demand for songs.

Garamond from Letraset published by Gothic Press date unknown

I have used what little money I have to create a new website and Brian Kavanagh who has been instrumental in helping me with photographs and advice.  Considering how busy he is, I am really so grateful and I don’t know what I would do without such lovely friends around me having lost what I thought were some good ones last year, forever.

I have been watching the news non stop for weeks and I have to say, the world is tilting and changing beyond all recognition.  These aren’t repeated patterns there is a shift.  I don’t want to be too pessimistic but I write my blog not unaware of what is going on around me and these infiltrate my stories found in the songs.  I performed ‘Atmosphere’ last week simply because I found it strange that I should write what I did and speak of Tokyo (a place I have never been to) and do a video of Sizewell B Power Station in Suffolk two years ago for that song.  My thoughts are with the victims of all of this from the Middle East to Japan to the Ivory Coast…

(‘Atmosphere’ by Lettie produced by David Baron ‘Age of Solo’ 2008)

Someone after the gig said she felt like she had been cleansed.  I found that very complimentary.  All I want to do is make sure that I continue to perform the very best I can and be relevant.

The album ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ is very nearly there and I was listening to some more mixes when unfortunately someone stole my ipod at Victoria station which was engraved from David and Jinhi  ‘To Lettie from the Baron Clan’ so I’m in silence again.  If anyone sees it please give it back.

Aside from that I have joined the local library and been watching probably too many films and accruing library fines but I want to support my local library desperately I don’t really watch TV except for the odd sporadic (had to check the spelling on THAT word!)program like the wonderful documentary on Ron Sexsmith or the history of Stiff Records.  The films I have been watching are obscure to say the least the sort of films that you NEVER see in Blockbusters or on TV (where does the library find them I wonder!)- one of the most memorable has to be ‘Last Night‘ typically dry and Canadian.  Nelly who is from Canada (aka Norelle French)  said the funniest thing I had heard all week at the Synthetic night; she asked me if I felt like I was floating in a bowl of Cheerios- as the glitter ball created strange rings on the floor……it took me about ten minutes to cotton on to what the hell she meant!

I have also been trying to read again and my highlights have been reading Alan Bennett’s ‘The Uncommon Reader’ and Steve Martin’s Autobiography ‘Born Standing Up’ which I read in about a day and loved.

(Steve Martin brilliant comedian, actor, magician and banjo player to boot!)

On the music front I went to see Crystal Fighters and hung backstage because my friend Louise who’s in a band called The Bellinis boyfriend is their drummer Andrea Marongiu and I have to say he’s one of the best drummers I  have heard in ages.  It was great to meet some of the band, some of the fans, and remember how much fun it was touring with Peter Murphy – who is presently on tour in the USA.  His new album ‘Ninth’ out soon will be fantastic.

(My favourite song by Crystal Fighters – At Home)

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