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Where are you going my youth where are you going my life (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

It’s been so long and it’s hot.  I love the sun but now I’m starting to worry. I hope it will rain soon. It reminds me of a book when I was a child that I loved. It had graphic … Continue reading

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Across the River and into the Trees

It has been so long since I wrote. It’s taken me all day also because WordPress is so complicated – they couldn’t make it more difficult if they tried! However, over the past year or so I have been largely … Continue reading

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To The New Year

I have not posted for a while now and everything changed since last time including how to use this WordPress site so I’ve kept it fairly brief. As the pandemic continues and plans are left aside, my thoughts go out … Continue reading

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July 31st “Waiting” by Lettie & David Baron is out now!

David Baron & Lettie How many times I have tried to write a blog post and I just couldn’t.  I started in March.  Now it is August…. Here is the new single “Waiting”.  Click Here to Buy the Track. I … Continue reading

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‘Bright Lights’ last song of the decade

On December 20 I will be releasing a new song ‘Bright Lights’ on the label Hear & Now Recordings who are putting out the next series of songs to make up an album next year.  I’m so grateful for David … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas and New Year!

As Christmas approaches I am in a contemplative mood as well as a festive one.  I never really stop working but I have had some time away from music since everything grinds to a halt this time of year and … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas…and roll on 2018

This is just to wish you a Happy Christmas and Best wishes for 2018.  I ran out of time this year but what a year it has been.  I can’t wait to turn my back on 2017. I have written … Continue reading

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If? Coming Soon!

I will start releasing ‘If?’ in the next few weeks. I will accompany each of the songs with a video.  I have also been doing some writing and vocals for my writing partner in America, David Baron.  One was specifically … Continue reading

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April’s sun

I dipped my toe into 2006. An old back up  CD with all my personal stuff from the old company I worked for: A collection of photos, songs and postcards.   I had never looked back until now at that … Continue reading

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Kiss me under the mistletoe

So another year slowly ebbs its way through the last days of December.  I do love this time of year.  I’m a December baby.  On my Birthday I went to the gym for a swim and couldn’t get through the … Continue reading

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