Huey and Dewey and Louie

Here are a few random postcards I picked up on the way to the Queen exhibition off Brick Lane which I really enjoyed.  Lots of things I didn’t know about Freddie such as how good he was as an illustrator and the band.  I have always known a bit about Brian May as I hear he visits my local guitar shop cause they name drop him (they said he had been on a diet cause he had put on weight studying for his PHD).  Anyway, he is now a doctor in astronomy which is very interesting and worth the weight in gold I reckon.

P & O Chusan J Arthur Dixon

Time has moved fast and now we are at the Royal Wedding.  I can’t really think of anything to say about it except I wonder whether Philip has said anything untoward as we DO know he does say some pretty ODD things- anyway I will be toasting K & W .

Ever since I read Alan Bennett’s ‘Uncommon Reader’ I keep imagining the Queen is always trying to steal away to try to read another book rather than do the done duties of a Queen (and I hear she is stealing away at half time perhaps to do just that!)

Soiree at Maxim's Paris 1949 by Gilberte Brassai

The album is still getting there.  David and I wrote two more additional songs last few weeks which was really an exercise to try and get some more direct snappy songs.  I really like these tracks and they are quite personal and are definitely some of the strongest songs we have written. I am very happy with them.  Some songs like the video footage I posted some months ago have been abandoned.  We are being much more discerning with this album.  Both David and I write very quickly so it’s a great chance to keep running with it.

Anonymous Photograph

I have to say the Bank Holiday has been a bit of a financial nightmare and I have had to cancel my trip out of London to see a friend as a result.  I feel totally hopeless at the moment- stuck in every area of my life.

Nurburgring Eifel International Reen Und Touristenstrecke

I did have one good bit of luck which was with a lottery ticket I found on the underground.  Someone had paid £14 for four lines on the Saturday and Wednesday lottery a couple of weeks ago.  Can you believe it but I got three matching numbers, sent it off and got £20 back.  I also won a Thunderball £3 so I am hoping this run of good luck will continue.

I managed to avoid paying the train fare back to Suffolk and diesel is expensive.  I did go on a detour to a secluded beach in Suffolk which I won’t name because it’s a secret and went swimming on my way back from Ipswich.  It was like a dream; the day was so hot the heat quivered above the shingle and the light was beautiful, misty hazy, a lone bouy bounced away in the far distance and the beach was mostly deserted.  I love this place. It brought back a flood of memories.  I then whirled back with the only tape I have in the car the Tindersticks.  I must have listened to it about 500 times.  I love this band so much.

Pony Trekking Silloth

Talking of bands I went to see another the other week which kind of assaulted my senses in a very memorable way but blew my ears away.  They are called the Dogbones and I have to say I have not seen two drummers on stage since seeing P J Harvey a few years ago and I have to say when I mean loud, they put Peter Murphy in the shade.  My ears were ringing.  Seeing them took me on a journey back to Queen Adreena and Daisy Chainsaw and really watching such accomplished musicians evoking such a disturbing nightmare unlike anything else I have seen, was worth it.  I have been listening to their album which I am really enjoying and I can’t really explain it but they have much more resonating than any other band I have seen of recent times.  They seem totally out of time in a strange way and yet totally in it.  Like a post grunge metal vision that could really be captured in some kind of Japanese horror film.  I can’t compare them to Queen Adreena or Daisy Chainsaw as Katie Jane Garside is not in this new outfit and I never saw them. I have to say though watching old footage of her I can see she was a very compelling performer but then so is Nomi.

Butlins Pwllheli Inside Gaiety Theatre

So apart from watching the brilliant Eddie Izzard (I got the whole boxset for £3 gave it to my bro and watched it with him all over Easter) I got to see the Hunger and Peter Murphy, is amazing, beautiful dark and very dangerous here he is below, which got me reading  “The Hollywood Book of Death: The Bizarre, Often Sordid, Passings of More than 125 American Movie and TV Idols” and the bizarre life and death of Bela Lugosi

Finally got my camera working and did a video for ‘Aliminium Man’ the first song we recorded for the new record.  It really is great creating videos that cost nothing.  The toys were bought from the Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors unfortunately one didn’t move but that didn’t matter. He looked cool and that was the main thing.

I am also excited that Sarah Fimm ‘Near Infinite Possibility’ is releasing her album on May 5th and David’s band Media is now available to buy by clicking on the previous link.

I watched a film called ‘Silent Running’ and its brilliant.

Silient Running from STARLOG Photo Guidebook Robots 1980

I haven’t cried at the end of a film in ages but I burst into tears.  It just took me over the edge.  It was the robots you see.

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