Kiss me under the mistletoe

So another year slowly ebbs its way through the last days of December.  I do love this time of year.  I’m a December baby.  On my Birthday I went to the gym for a swim and couldn’t get through the barrier.  I looked up and the lady at the desk in a dead pan voice goes ‘Happy Birthday’. Strange because that was it and then she let me through!  My gym is creepy.  It knows me too well.

But this December there has been tragedies ensuing all over the world.  I used to watch the news because I had TV at the end of my bed.  I moved it six months ago.  I still watch the news but it seems to me the balance of the world is tipping.


From Film Review By F Maurice Speed (Macdonald) 1951-52

Looking back on the year singing with John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell at the London Forum on November 29 was my musical highlight.


John Cooper Clarke and Lettie backstage after gig at London Forum Tuesday November 29 2016

I was very nervous as I only had the soundcheck to rehearse but thankfully it happened during the only week where I haven’t been under the weather in the last two months.  I am so happy that Johnny Remember Me made the BBC 6 playlist.

Last week I went to see Roland Gift who was astounding as ever.  I took this shot after the gig. I love the colours and light.  The night comprised of comedians, Roland Gift performing but also of a meat raffle.  It was great despite the fact I was ill.  It was good to catch up with Dave Barbarossa again who was playing drums.  My pictures were too dark to give Roland justice and Dave always hides behind a symbol.  But what a great band and the keyboardist was playing bass as well as lead lines – astoundingly good.  Over a year ago now Dave and I wrote a song called Hypnotise Me which I really hope we get to record next year.


After Roland Gift gig at Tufnell Park The Dome 15 December 2016 where Dave Barbarossa played


I rushed to get some interesting postcards and Ephemera Fair in Bloomsbury for Christmas and only managed to catch the fair by about 30 minutes.  I was looking for a magazine that said December on it.  I was reading it (and I never really normally go for such magazines as  Woman and Home) and on my way home was horrified by what I found inside.


Woman and Home The Magazine of Delightful Suggestions December 1926.jpg


The lucky stencil Plate from Woman and Home December 1926 The Magazine of Delightful Suggestions


Lucky Stencil From Woman and Home December 1926


From Woman and Home The Magazine of Delightful Suggestions December 1926

It seems so amazing to me that in 1926  Hitler was on the ascent and perhaps even thought of as a rather glamorous figure by the english press. How horrifying to have decorated your home in the Swastika and to think this magazine is called ‘The Magazine of Delightful Suggestions’ I guess it’s only with hindsight that we can look at it like this.

Anyway, on that unsavoury note I just wanted to say a Very Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year.


Aristophot Real Photo Co Ltd London 1909 ‘Best wishes from Mary’


To my dear wife wishing you the best of everything for Xmas Love Bert


23 Dec 1908 Dear Lydia Alice and Will of 6 Gossage Road Plumstead London wishing love to their mother


Raphael Tuck & Sons Christmas Postcard series 1800. Phototyped Austria To Miss Eva Ashling 25 Longfield Road Dover


With Loving Christmas Wishes from Daddy Master Harry Benton



For Albert from Grandmother no date or markings (she almost looks a bit sinister this girl on the right!)


With loving Wishes for happy Xmas from your friend undated


Unused post card printed in Germany

My new album will be out next year called ‘If?’.  It was mastered recently by Tim Young. I’m still working on the films for every song.


Nearly 110 years ago and this was posted on 31 December.  It would have arrived on 31 December.  The post must have been so fast in those days!  Everything seems to be getting worse – the trains, the post…I’m wondering how to get back from Suffolk on December 29 since the whole railway network seems to be at a standstill.


Dated Dec 31 2 on 1906 Waterville ME Miss Emma Raullard Skowhegan ME

I love this postcard and it’s message.


To Kate I wish I could meet you at this time From Johnny undated unmarked Series No E39 Printed in Saxony

Many of these postcards have been distributed to my friends so I feel like they all end up in a good place.  This was sent to my friend Louise a very talented songwriter and singer.


In return she sent me this.  I should get my hair done but it’s just the money…


Carousel Room Raymond of London Brompton Road Produced by John Milner Studios

Thank you so much for listening have a great Christmas and Happy New Year…


Lettie at a friend’s Christmas Party December 2016




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