Fools Gold

Cut out from anonymous photograph album

I counted and I now work for eight different people which means that I have been slow to sending out the CDs of ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ produced and co-written with David Baron.   Thank you to everyone who has bought.  I am not advertising yet except on here as it is not officially out till May 21st.  It has been exceedingly good weather at the moment but I guess I came up with the title last Summer when it never stopped raining.

In the meantime I’m working hard in my day job.  Here is my new business card for my secretarial services!  I should add ‘I spend my time HOARDING!’.  It has got to a point now that I’m getting rid of stuff and I hope to do a stall soon.

Lettie's Business Card advertising her secretarial services 2012

It takes me a while to choose the appropriate postcards too although I spent a good eight hours organising them by country which some people might find quite obsessive behaviour!

From the 'Book of Fortune Telling' by Agnes M Miall published by Hamlyn 1951 1972 edition

In regards to sending CDs to people I have also had to add postage on top because the price of postage is about to go up a whopping amount.  So much so that I’m going to have to stockpile as many as I can.  Here is a postcard my friend found in LA when it was cheaper.  I don’t read the back of postcards nearly enough but this ONE has to be read:

Front of postcard found in LA

Back of postcard found in LA (click on the image to make larger)

I have been getting some nice reviews.  I am ‘tweeting’ like Tweetie Pie but I’m still not as socially interactive as I should be! Here is a nice album cover of bird noises I gave to my friend and collaborator Anthony Phillips .  It’s a bit incongruous an album of bird noises was produced for Shell-Mex and BP.

Garden Birds published for Shell Mex and BP Ltd by Discourses Ltd

I have been collecting more and more stuff and one of my new finds is IT magazine from the Worlds End Bookshop.

Cover of IT April 20th 1972

I am helping to organise an event in April along with Redstone Press at the bookshop. I have been reading Bob Dylan’s story, the building of the pyramids theories as well as enjoying the ads in the back:

Cover of IT 125 9-23 March 1972

In the Classifieds of IT 125 9-23 March 1972

Fuck You by Lucifer from IT Magazine 126 March 24 1972

Doug and Linda Bournemouth July 1964 from anonymous photograph album

When the weather is this good I feel like going to Suffolk getting one of those beach huts which now cost as much as house, putting on the kettle and spending the day in a deck chair with a good book.

Photograph from anonymous photograph album

My new obsession has been watching the whole of the history of the USA in 10 hours and 35 minutes of it by Alistair Cooke.  I actually usually fall asleep to it but it is a wonderful series filmed in 1973.

The first atomic bomb, code named 'Trinity' erupts into predawn sky of southern New Mexico from Alistair Cooke's America published by British Broadcast Corporation 1973

I also enjoyed watching ‘Eureka’ which was a film Michael Seymour who did the photograph for my album cover, worked on.  It is an interesting film featuring my two favourite actors Rugter Hauer and Gene Hackman as a kind of King Midas character.  It follows a story about a man who finds gold and, therefore, has nothing much else to live for having attained his dream, and goal, a kind of parable of a sort directed by Nicolas Roeg.  Not many people know this film.  Everyone’s after gold but I wonder if there is a growing demand for:

'Silver' by Richard Came This Edition First Published 1972 by Octopus Books, 59 Grosvenor Street, London W.1

I have been to quite a few gigs and shows lately.  Some highlights include Julien Temple giving a talk about ‘Absolute Beginners’.  Whilst, I would have to say this is not my favourite work of his!!  His documentary on Dr Feelgood and Canvey Island is.  Here are some of my musical highlights including my good friend Erin Lang from Canada:

Erin Lang at the Islington Assembley Hall 16 March 2012

Timbre Timbre at Islington Assembley Hall March 16 2012

Damien Dempsey at the London Forum Paddy's Day March 2012

At the back of London Forum Damien Dempsey March 2012

Here’s another picture of the cat from the lovely photograph album from Wales or that area in the 1960s.  The cat has pride of place on the opening page and was obviously very important to the photographer.

Cat from anonymous album from Wales

Look out for a sneezing one on your wedding day!:

Plate from the Book of Fortune Telling by Agnes M Miall published by Hamlyn 1951 1972 edition

Here’s my video of the last day of Streatham Ice Rink.  It’s a song called ‘Pandora’ one of my favourite songs on the album written with David Baron and Danny Blume.

This seems to be advocating electrocuting yourself.  I could get the same feeling running across the invisible electric fence with my mum’s dog so long as his collar is on.  I know it makes Carrie Fisher feel better:

The Master High Frequency (Violet Ray)date unknown

The Master High Frequency (Violet Ray) pg 3 date unknown

Here is a picture of me with my Aluminium man in fact he was listening very attentively to my story I was telling him about my secret trip to Mexico…

Lettie in Prague January 2012

Hopefully I will be doing a gig very soon!

Photograph from Unknown English photograph album

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