Two weeks to go till May 21

Blighty May 22 1954 The National Humorous Weekly

I look back on my last blog and have to say that putting up notices in the window advertising very clearly for my secretarial skills has only worked on one occasion.  Otherwise I have had someone wanting a massage and wanting to X off and another hanging up pretty quickly when I mentioned that I typed 90 words a minute. I really don’t know how my notices could have been misconstrued they were so unsexy!  About as sexy as this!

Pyrex from ‘Good Housekeeping’s Menus published by National Magazine Company Ltd 1954

I have spent the Bank Holiday thinking this is bad weather.  So bad in fact that I am only consoled by the good fortune I have had recently in regards to the very nice reviews I have been receiving (and I’m sure to get some bad ones too of course).  Some of the new ones are now on my homepage of my website which Brian Kavanagh has kindly updated for me this weekend.

Lettie by Brian Kavanagh

I have been very nervous about getting reviews but its been wonderful that David Baron and all the musicians such as Danny Blume, Zack Alford, Sara Lee are recognised for the great musicianship on it. Some people say music is like acting but I totally disagree.  I think acting is by far a harder profession to be in because so much is based on you being someone else.

The Picture Show Annual 1932

In music I have only been myself which is a huge advantage!!

Lettie ‘Stage Door’ by Brian Kavanagh somewhere in Soho

A while ago I bought this wonderful scrapbook from the Ephemera Fair that belonged to an this actress called Molly Kerr.   It covers a year of her life from 1920-1921 and it begins wonderfully positive, she even set the trend for a hairstyle, and ends with her first play which does not receive very good reviews.  Apart from few loose clippings later on in the book up to the outbreak of war, it  stops.  I suppose she just gave up.  It is a constant thought on my mind.

From Molly F Kerr’s Swank Book November 1920 -April 1921

Reviews of Vortex from Molly F Kerr’s Swank Book

Reviews of Loose Ends from Mollly F Kerr’s Swank Book

From Molly F Kerr’s Swank Book November 1920 to April 1921

Molly F Kerr’s sketches from her Swank Book

Molly F Kerr’s more sketches from her Swank Book

Sketch and business card loose from Molly F Kerr’s Swank Book November 1920- April 1921

Here is an old postcard someone gave me recently of an American actress called Maud Fealy. She had a very successful career and toured a lot in the England in 1907 hence the postcard is English.

Miss Maud Fealy published by Giesen Bros & Co 1906

This is my ex uncle Brian Cox (previously married to my aunt).  I found this in Fara which I spent much of my time in and have found it fascinating reading.  I have seen Brian over the years in many things.  One of my favourites was Tom Stoppard’s play ‘Rock N Roll’ at the Royal Court Theatre.  I have to say I like the photographs on the front and back of this!

The Lear Diaries Uncorrected proof copy The Story of the Royal National Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s Richard III and King Lear by Brian Cox 1992 published by Methuen (my ex uncle)

So the weather is driven me to dreaming about Europe and going on a Friendly Tour.

See Holland with Friendship Tours Friendship Tours Ltd 72 High Street Teddington Middlesex

I bought some records in my local Fara charity shop but unfortunately I don’t have a record player but I like the covers! Yeah get those maracas out I have to imagine what it sounds like!  Well I have the Buena Vista Social Club on today to get into the mood.

Latin Style Joe Loss and His Orchestra EMI Records 1961

Un Rayo De Sol Los Diablos Una Manana

So I’m excited to be doing a gig on 27th June at the Elgin pub and it’s free entry at a great pub in Ladbroke Grove.  It used to be the place where the Clash used to hang out in and was a bit of a dive.  I don’t normally like it when pubs get done up but it’s got a good stage and I like the sound.  I also plan to do one with my old friends the Mad Staring Eyes hopefully at the Half Moon Putney.  Their new album is great.

My friend Anthony Phillips new album ‘Seventh Heaven’ with Andrew Skeet is going to be getting played every night from May 7th (i.e. today!) at 6.15pm on Classic FM so tune in.  I can’t wait to hear it and you can order it here.  I’m looking forward to working with Anthony again hopefully in the Summer.

Anthony Phillips in 2011

I finally met Simi Stone last week at the Bush Hall playing with Simone Felice.  She sings on a song of mine called ‘Fitter’.  Not only is she a fantastic singer but a great violin player.  It was great to hang out with her albeit so briefly.  She told me though she’s back in September.

Simi Stone who was playing solo and performing with Simon Felice at Bush Hall 27th April 2012

Here’s a nice photograph to remind us what Spring is usually like from 1963.  Such wonderful photographs this person takes whoever he/she is.  I love them and then again there’s also their beloved…

Photograph from anonymous photograph album 1963


Picture of that cat from anonymous photograph album 1963

I bought these on ebay.  Partly because I had postcards of match covers I had bought from Redstone Press– here’s a picture from their 2012 Diary of the Senses.  Next year it’s the Diary of Language I believe.  I helped organise an event with Julian Rothenstein and Will Hobson that went very well a couple of weeks ago.

From the Redstone Diary of the Senses edited by Julian Rothenstein and Adam Love texts chosen by Ardashir Vakil and Other Senses by Will Hobson 2012 by Redstone Press

These are just some of the wonderful pieces of ephemera that you will get when you buy my album!  You can buy from here.

Matchbox covers bought from ebay

Or something from this collection I put to a poem:

Click on any images to make larger.  Thank you to all those who have bought the album and also to those who continue to support me.  X

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