September Swimming

A lovely lady who has known me since I was about six and was intrinsic to my musical journey, sent me this review from the Grapevine and I think it was the most touching one I have read.  Thank you to Graeme Mac and Richard Haugh at Radio BBC  Suffolk  who continue to support me so much.  I have to keep thanking David Baron because without him no recorded music would exist.  So again I must credit my writing partner on my whole ‘career’ which I know is a slight one but still…He’s just returned from the Bahamas playing on Lenny Kravitz’s new recordings.  I have had some great press including MSN, Bloomberg, Edinburgh Evening News, Irish Times which has all been very encouraging as well as lots of blogs- many are on my homepage.

Review from Grapevine Magazine July 2012

I returned last weekend to Suffolk to swim in the sea.

Wosley’s Gate Orford Castle Framlingham Castle published by F W Pawsey & Sons Ipswich

As I drift on my back under the still September sky the noise of unearthly sounds filter through my ears and I am somewhere close to heaven.  In the evening I had the great pleasure to watch Thomas Dolby, Murray Lachlan Young, Bess & Georgiana Cavendish and Frances Shelley amongst others perform in Butley Priory a beautiful building dating from the 14th Century.

Thomas Dolby’s ‘Windpower’ Venice in Peril Records 1982

I have been listening non-stop to Bob Dylan’s new album ‘Tempest’ and Hugh Cornwell’s ‘Totem and Taboo’.  There is a rawness to both these records that just can’t be beaten as well as songs to cry for.

Sonata 1, 2009 Collage by John Stezaker Collection Stephen Bennett Germany copyright The Artist

The Half Moon gig went well thank you so much to everyone who came it really was appreciated! I had spent five days in a rehearsal room next to the Vaccines and I’m trying to get better each time and make it a great night.  I’m still a bit tied up with my complicated routine but at the moment I can’t work out whether I should simplify it or not. People do seem to enjoy it and it’s certainly not boring.  I have at last found my perfect rehearsal room and felt relaxed over the Bank Holiday to spend most days in there on my own.  Louise Dodds came down and was fantastic on bass and backing vocals as usual. In regards to other dates I believe I am performing at Oxjam Clapham which is being held over a day on Saturday 13th October and at the Twist in Colchester on the 18th October for the The Leftfield Retro Music Awards where I am presenting an award.

Miss Simeta Marsden Celebrities of the stage Raphael Tuck & Sons Glosso Postcard Series 5765 June 29 1908

I am looking forward to performing at the Elgin, Ladbroke Grove, with Anthony Reynolds on Thursday 29th November who is coming up from Wales.   This is going to be a very special night.

Tiroler Gruppe Hotel Maria-Theresia J Schlegel Innsbruck Hormayrstr 9 Tel 285032

As a fan of Anthony since his Jacques days it’s going to be a sort of Birthday and Christmas party celebration and its free again.  In the meantime I have been quietly working on new tracks – nothing that I can quite concentrate properly on yet because I’m so busy working my day job again but I’m enjoying the process.  I’ve been writing more over break beat tracks with someone I have not even met but I hope to do some raw material very soon.  He’s done a great remix of a song called ‘Mission’ I did on ‘Age of Solo’ which I hope to do something about!  I have to prioritise my work over any music. I’m just about managing to balance it although I’m slack at responding to emails and things.

Anthony Reynolds Life’s Too Long 1995-2011 Album Cover Chaffinch Records

I have been to so many exhibitions lately– I went to Toby Mott’s  Mott Collection and Vinyl Factory presenting a new book of the album artwork of Kraftwork where I saw a member of the band Visage and a lot of other people I don’t know!

From New Sounds New Styles Magazine September 1981

I do love September.  I drank cider with a friend and contemplated that detectable change in the air before entering Tate Modern for a late night viewing of Munch which we only got half through before being chucked out.  It was wonderful.  We even found a minute rave on the beach down by the Thames.  There must have been about fifty people!

Cover image ‘The Girls on the Bridge’ 1927 Much -museet Oslo copyright The Munch Museum The Munch Ellingsen Group BOO Solo DACs London 2012

I bought a book on dolls and found them very creepy.

German doll Wonderland Brighton dated 1903 in Doll in with googlie eyes from ‘Dolls and Dolls’ Houses’ published by Hamlyn Publishing Group 1989

But I did find this rather inspirational – a barely known artist Enrico Baj but I love his paintings- they make me think of  ‘Aluminium Man’.

Enrico Baj’s ‘Tu quoque Brute, Filii mi !’ 1964 from Studio International Magazine June 1964 published by The National Magazine Company Limited

Enrico Baj Nuclear Satire In Collage by Gillo Dorfles Photo by Adelmann from Studio International Magazine June 1964 published by The National Magazine Company Limited

I haven’t been away since a mini-break in Prague and Mexico at the beginning of the year.

La Plaza de la Luna y la Calzada de los Muertos San Juan Teotihuacan Mexico published by Ammex Asociados

Feels like a time ago.

Cooks World Travel Services -holiday tickets

I got to sell my car first…

From Anon Photograph Album 1963 Wadsley Common Sheffield

I wouldn’t say no to a mini break in Canterbury even. I love hotels…

Slatters Hotel Canterbury J Arthur Dixon A Dickinson Robinson Group Product

Back of Slatters Hotel Canterbury J Arthur Dixon A Dickinson Robinson Group Product

But I do love to swim so ….

Hotel Las Salinas Lanzarote copyright Edition Reiner Loose Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote tel 82 57 62 Foto Reiner Loos

Venosta Lago di Resia Campanile di Curon Foto Franzl Bozen Nachdruck verbofen

Oh who knows…got to sell quite a few more CDs first.  Need a hit!

quick hit from super smoothies 50 drinks for health & vitality

Back of ‘quick hit’ from super smoothies 50 drinks for health & vitality

Until October… xx

Where am I?

In the Village.

What do you want?

We want information.

 Whose side are you on?

That would be telling. We want information… information… information.

You won’t get it.

By hook or by crook, we will.

Who are you?

The new Number 2.

Who is Number 1?

You are Number 6.

I am not a number, I am a free man.

(The Prisoner 1967)

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