Auger well for August and beware of hubris

So many things have happened since the last gig I have had trouble picking myself up.

Back of Paris postcard 1982

In my crisis I headed down to get my cards read a tarot card reader I found on the internet and it turned out to be someone who had come to my gig!  She read my cards & I signed her CD! How bizarre!

Miniature Tarot Pack

I very rarely get my cards done but when I have a question they have always given me an answer.  If you don’t believe there is anything out there such as those meetings where you met a particular person, the telephone call when you were just thinking about them, the night that you met the one, then sad for you.  I do believe there is something more than what we see. I dipped into the Bible recently after reading an interesting article about Michelangelo; there is something in it whatever it is, stories, parables, avatars (I once took Darshan from Mother Meera) there are people who are some kind of vessel.

Untitled From What We Bought The New World Scenes from the Denver Metropolitan Area 1970 -1974 by Robert Adams

The hangover lasted a week and wasn’t helped when I turned up to Plectrum with only half my things and I wasn’t even doing a full set. A man who said he suffered from biopolar said I really touched him and that I was a female Lou Reed which is one of the biggest compliments I have ever had coming from a stranger.  It was another great evening ran by Guy Sangster Adams who does a brilliant job and met Jerome Alexandre (The Scuzzies) who is doing a new album.

So I’m releasing a single in August called ‘Mister Lighter’.

What the hell does that mean; not much these days.  Here are some singles from Fara my local charity shop- somebody who had a big 80s collection has obviously gone digital and left them so I bought about twenty of them;

‘Land of Make Believe’ single by Bucks Fizz 1981 RCA

Sometimes I wish I felt more:

‘Hyper-active!’ single by Thomas Dolby Single 1983 Original Sound Recording EMI

‘Twistin’ The Night Away’ single by Divine 1985 In Tune Music Ltd and Photo Records Ltd

‘Twistin’ The Night Away’ back of single by Divine 1985 In Tune Music Ltd and Photo Records Ltd

‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes EMI America 1981

‘Fin De Semana Me Conformare’ single by Los Diablos 1971 EMI

‘Friend or Foe’ single by Adam Ant EMI Music Publishing 1982

The other thing I am doing is merging my Facebook accounts.  Never very good at it at the best of times, I’m going to at least try.

I saw a wonderful film called ‘Searching for Sugarman’.  I saw Rodriguez almost as a holy man, living to a kind of ‘chop wood, carry water’ philosophy.  I suddenly thought maybe you just have to have music running parallel to your day to day existence and embrace the moments.   I then dipped into ‘Status Anxiety’ by Alain de Botton who I adore.  Everyone feels anxious about their status and the fact I live in one room (which I now pretend is a hotel room) should make no difference because half the time the people living in very large houses are living in one room. If you feel a bit low about your status grab a National Enquirer. Nobody’s life is perfect.

From the National Enquirer May 7 2012

I have been very lucky to be cheered up by Eddie Izzard, Sean Hughes and my cousin, Alan Cox, in School of Night at the Soho theatre last week at the Soho theatre before they all head to Edinburgh.  All of them were excellent.

Printed & Published by ETW Dennis & Sons Ltd Scarborough & London (no date)

I also saw Louise Dodds, who is playing bass with me, upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s – she is an amazing Jazz singer with a natural innate musicality. Also there was Andrea Marongiu on drums and Ant Law playing guitar and later that week Louise’s group the Bellinis were performing at Floradita in Soho.  In fact I’ve been spending a lot of time in Soho lately. stopping by the French, glimpsing Phil Dirtbox walking down Dean street in a seriously wicked jacket.  Parts of Soho are dying but there’s still a pulse.

Mr and Mrs Santinelli, residents in Soho since 1923 from ‘Soho Now’ by Stephen Gill in Granta 65 Magazine Spring 1999

Wow London is quiet though.  All the shops are empty:

Design of a Modern Shop Simpson’s New Men’s Shop Picadilly from Industrial Arts Magazine Summer 1936

All the restaurants are empty:

Hotel Oriente Costiera Sorrentina 80069 Vico Equense Tel (081) 8798143- 8790077

I very much enjoyed the opening of the Olympics and Brian Kavanagh who took my photographs and  did my website was one of the many drummers drumming at it.  I did try to spot him on my tiny TV and he did point out there were quite a lot of drummers and implied it was a rather stupid thing to do.  David Baron, my writing partner was deeply disturbed that none of the musicians were paid but we are on a tight budget here in the UK!  I used to work part time for Special Olympics which is a wonderful organisation and all the people involved truly remarkable. I am enjoying watching all these fantastic and at times strange sports such as synchronized diving (Chinese impeccable as usual) and wonder why miniature golf isn’t considered worthy.  I know Ace Man Tim Davies has been trying to get the committee to take this sport seriously to no avail.

Miniature Golf Course Cannes France

My next gig is at the Half Moon in Putney on Wednesday 29th August at 8.30pm you can buy tickets here as this is my last gig in London for a while before the Elgin with Anthony Reynolds on 29th November 2012 for a pre Christmas celebration.  In the meantime I search for my elusive hit and look forward to Laurie Anderson on Friday.

Here are some pictures from a rainy day at Blenheim Palace for Coys car auction in Oxford.  This is dedicated to my godfather Robert Peel who has helped me so much.

Photograph of Lettie in a Peel at Coys Vintage car auction at Blenheim Palace by David Bagg

Coys Vintage car auction Blenheim Palace, Photograph by Dave Bagg

Lettie by James Ussher

You can still buy my album from me on my website including specially chosen ephemera all unique and chosen by me.

I saw this on a tree.

Missing Dog Frank

Click on any of the images to make bigger

Over and X

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