Johnny Remember Me

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I am singing the backing vocals on a song originally recorded by John Leyton.  It’s a fantastic song and was originally banned by the BBC as were all ‘death’ ballads at the time…It’s so exciting for me to be involved in this project with two legends Dr John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell and I can’t wait for the album to come out on October 14 2016. You can preorder the album from here.

I have a few things coming up and I will post shortly about it again which includes another song with Anthony Phillips and James Collins called Sunshine On Your Shoulder as well as finishing off the album with Mark Vernon. It is very difficult to get stuff out there though when you are an unknown but I think and hope the songs may have their own journey and in a way they are a story and a history and they mark my life like chapters.

I had a good time in Berlin on a nearly wholly paid for trip by Universal Music Production- here I am in the NHow Hotel where they put us up (the first rock hotel in Europe!) looking a bit like I’m a JCC and HC fan judging by my outfit!  One lift played electronica music and another played rock.  I think this was in the rock lift.  I called this the pink hotel and the other the blue.

Lettie in the NHow lift Berlin June 2016

Lettie in NHow lift in Berlin Friday 10 June 2016

The aquarium in the Radisson Blu Hotel….  I booked into the hotel on my first night … and I put it on my credit card that never gets paid off…here is a diver cleaning the tank to give you an idea of the size of it!

Cleaning the tank - view from hotel room Radisson Blu Berlin

View from Lettie’s window 9 June 2016

But even more thrilling was seeing my friend Erin Lang

a beautiful singer songwriter and friend…who came with me to Sea Life and came down the AquaDom, the lift.


Erin and the depressed Grouper June 10 2016 at Sea Life Berlin

Here’s a video of us performing when I first met her in London…

Erin will be releasing her album soon here is the link to her website Foundling

Since I wrote last time the whole world has changed.  It’s a brave new world and frightening.  My feeling of this time is perfectly captured in the most extraordinary show I have ever seen by Robert Lepage at the Barbican.  The man with the trumpet beware America.  I was so enraptured by Opium and Needles which plays out in a cube I went twice. A beautiful, extraordinary piece of theatre centred around Miles Davis and Jean Cocteau, which explores loneliness, pain, heartbreak, addiction and genius through enthralling theatrical acrobatics and manoeuvres, with touching moments of comic dialogue from the central character who is going through a painful break up.  Robert Lepage plays two characters.  Miles Davis doesn’t speak but moves around the cube moaning into his trumpet the pain and sorrow he feels and we feel.


Must-See: Canadian Stage’s revamped version of the Robert Lepage hallucinatory classic, Needles and Opium from Toronto Life 2012

I will find some ephemera for next time…

Lettie and Sam Taylor Wood

Me Collectors Room Berlin with video by Sam Taylor-Wood June 10 2016







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  1. Love it. Keep right on doing what you do, Lettie.

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