It’s all about Johnny

A massive thank you to both Dr. John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell – the video for ‘Johnny Remember Me‘ is out now.   How extraordinary to be part of this incredible journey.  Thank you so much to Dr. John Cooper Clarke, Hugh Cornwell and Sony Records for not only having me on the album singing but also in the video…

In the film, I play the ghost of Johnny’s dead girlfriend who died a year ago.  The dress which I found on Ebay is quite something!

I will never forget this.  The album ‘This Time It’s Personal‘ is a timeless masterpiece.  A covers album of songs we may know but perhaps may have not heard for years.  Who knew Dr John had such a rich and beautiful baritone voice on top of being one of England’s best loved bards.  I was a huge fan of Snap, Crackle & Bop (1980) but on this excellent album he doesn’t sing. Obviously Hugh Cornwell knew he had a voice !  What a collaboration!  I can’t wait to see the live shows.    Of course Hugh Cornwell’s legendary songwriting talents, musicianship and voice are not such a secret.


Johnny Remember Me by Geoffrey Goddard featured and recorded by John Leyton and produced by Joe Meek Meridian Music Publishing Co Ltd (c) 1961


Johnny Remember Me first page of sheet music Meridian Music Publishing (c) 1961


John Leyton signed photograph from film Krakatoa, East of Java (1969)

But as is my obsession to dig a little deeper into the past I bought a little ephemera relating to the original artist John Leyton.  Joe Meek the legendary producer got his girlfriend a classically trained singer Lissa Gray to sing the original backing vocals in the shower. Despite the song being under censorship for being a death ballad it reached No 1 and stayed there for 6 weeks.  The best article written on the song was in the Financial Times some months ago.  To read it click here:


The song has a dark story to it.

John Leyton who still lives in Essex is not only a very successful musician but also an accomplished actor and one of the very few survivors in the film The Great Escape (1963).


It’s a great album and I personally think the perfect present for all at Christmas!  Which is why I have bought several copies.

I will post again this October but I wanted to keep to the point ..This time it’s important!

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