Turbulent Times

The Summer came and went very quickly and now it very much feels like Autumn which always feels like the beginning of the year for me strangely.  In fact September 1st brought about terrible panic in me, however it did not last long, as I have been thinking much more about the devastating impact Hurricane Irene had on the people in the Caribbean and the East coast of America including my friends in Upstate New York.  I know my friend Sarah has been helping out a lot with the clear up.  I thought it changed its course but as with all things, especially when it comes to the weather, these storms are entirely unpredictable and although David was not hit, the area has been without power for over a week and therefore, many people have moved out of the area in order to work.

Anon photograph from junk shop in Hamburg

My timing is completely out of whack and sadly I’ve had real problems trying to go forward with anything.  I did some photographs with a photographer originally Weston-Super-Mare, the results of which I haven’t seen yet but I have never been to this place but its on my miniature golf map of places to go.

Winter Gardens and Knightstone, Weston-Super-Mare

Anyway, this Summer I very much enjoyed Latitude Festival – here’s a little film.  I was so glad Ford Escort that I was given made it through the mud cause lots of cars didn’t.

The reason I don’t add audio is cause frankly it sounds crap so I made a celtic drone in the hope that Latitude organisers might ask me one day to play as it is my home county…!!

Many thanks to Andrea Marongiu drummer in Crystal Fighters for getting me a guest pass.  I didn’t get there till Saturday so sadly missed Adam Ant and The Duke & The King.  I am so over the moon that Simi Stone sings on one of my songs.  One of my other favourite acts was OMD who completely surprised me and totally blew me away with their songs- all of which I knew.  The lead singer was a hit; great performer, good mover in a kind of kitsch way that I like you know dancing out the words (LOVE IT) and wow he just got everybody dancing! Just like Crystal Fighters, the audience were in it!  I know people don’t care but I personally found the weather pretty grim and it did affect the festival and artists because invariably a lot of people chose to go undercover.  I didn’t even camp!  I spent most of my time in the second stage tent and a lot of great acts were to be found in here but I did feel a bit sorry for some on the main stage.  I had an LED flashing blue umbrella which I thought would enable easy finding but this didn’t much work either despite many compliments about it.  I hardly ever go away in the Summer but I used to take time out in August to work on music but now I know the weather is so bad and it has been for the last few years, I work on through.

On the music front the album ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’ is finished just when the hurricane hits.   It’s weird.  I am so grateful for all the incredible hard work David Baron has put into it.   I just don’t know what I would do without him.   All that’s left is mastering and my job to finish the artwork and make it a success which has given me just a few sleepless nights because I have to beg, borrow but I don’t steal …..

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs

Raid At Jewellers in Hanging Ditch from series of photographs printed Ilford

Anonymous Ladies College circa 1920s not sure

It has been a bit quiet on the music front as I am not performing.  Instead I have been recording some interesting covers, some vocals on a lovely track someone sent me, and writing more.  This week onwards is going to be devoted to playing again ….

Photograph Eberhard Kirsch 1 Berlin 41 1973

Photograph published by Joe Berlin telefon 030 24 26 09 Dated 1973

Musically I have been to a couple of jazz gigs lately with my friend Louise Dodds who is a fantastic jazz singer herself, at an obscure basement bar in the city.  I  can’t believe the performers I have seen who you would normally find in Ronnie Scott’s playing this place for free on a Friday night to but a handful of people.  I also caught the Tony Cannam Set at the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall when they had a vintage week end back in July.  It was probably the hottest week end we had all Summer….these are probably the most successful photographs I have taken with my camera.  I won’t go on about digital but it’s just not the same as the old photographs.  I haven’t done anything to these photographs and at last I like some.

Audience watching Tony Cannam Set at Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room Vintage By Hemingway 31 July 2011

Tony Cannam Set and child running from fountain through audience at Queen Elizabeth Hall Front Room Vintage By Hemingway 31 July 2011

Postcard to David Briesley

Back of postcard to David Briesley

Bad news, bad news,

Come to me where I sleep,

Turn, turn, turn again.

Sayin’ one of your friends

Is in trouble deep,

Turn, turn to the rain

And the wind.

Bob Dylan (Percy’s Song 1963)

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